AP Live


AP Live, combines a powerful set of tools to help you deliver live classes with full audio and visual client interaction. Video on demand, bookings system, payment gateway and social media connectivity make delivering online classes and courses simple and stress free.

Instructor Registration

Other applications

The AP Live platform can also be used to deliver one on one coaching, wellness talks, mixology sessions and art classes. Perfect for wellness programmes, gyms and artisans.

One 2 one

Demand for 1-2-1 coaching is growing and is an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd. The current restrictions will end but peoples priorities have changed with more people working from home. One to one remote training is a must have service.


Redeem an exclusive members discount code with our experiences partners and collect 10% of the value of your spend in Activpoints. Coins are worth 1p each and can be spent in our store to buy or part pay for days out, smart watches, eating out and high street shopping cards.

Data Tracking

Your Clients can connect their Garmin, Fitbit, or Apple device to the AP Rewards user dashboard and see fitness data during their class with you plus view 24/7 weekly and monthly fitness activity. Clients also collect reward points for each live class or download viewed.